How To Keep Your Event Set Tidy At An Exhibition

It happens to the best of us; you’re rushing around your stand engaging with visitors when you suddenly notice it’s not looking quite as tidy as when you started. It can be hard to stay on top of things at peak times, but it’s so important that your stand is inviting and attractive throughout the day. It might feel like yet another consideration to add to your exhibition planning, but

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5 Signs Of A Well-Run Sport Show Exhibition Hall

With some sport exhibitions attracting as many as 20,000 visitors, there’s no doubt that they are a brilliant way to generate leads for your sport or fitness related products. It can be daunting choosing the events to display at; once you’ve organised a stellar team and a brilliantly designed stand, you’ll need to pick the best expos to showcase your brand. If you get the chance to, attending some events

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Using Exhibition Stand Designs To Draw A Crowd

Exhibition Stand Design Tip: Work Within Your Means


No matter which exhibition, event or expo you attend, there will always be “big players”, with enormous budgets and what seems like acres of space for their stand. They might be so renowned for their exhibits and giveaways at events they attend that people actively seek them out to see what they’ll have on offer this time around. It’s natural to have the

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Music Festival Exhibition Ideas To Promote Your Products

In the UK, year on year, more people are rushing to watch live music, with last year’s gig and festival attendance at a record high. UK Music’s data publication, Wish You Were Here 2017, found a 12% rise in live music audience numbers since 2016, bringing attendee figures to 30.9 million, 4 million of which specifically attended music festivals. In fact, music tourism and attendance statistics show a steady upwards

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Exhibition Design Concepts To Get You Noticed

Exhibition design encompasses the whole process of developing an exhibit, from the initial concept right through to the polished three-dimensional prototype. Having great staff and an innovative product are key in effectively promoting your brand at a trade show, but without a booth that grabs attention, the time spent investing in these goes to waste.

So how can you create a booth that successfully captures people’s awareness? Enhance the design concept

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Unpacking The Exhibition Design Process – How Does It Work?

Custom and semi-custom exhibition stands give you the creative flexibility to allow for the boldest and most effective exhibit. Here a DD Exhibitions, we’re proud of our team who have an impressive combined experience in exhibition booth design. From briefs, to modelling, right through to set build, we work to the highest standard across the whole process.

We know exactly how important the exhibit design is in maximising your visibility and

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Shell Scheme Booths Vs Space Only Stands: What’s The Difference?

Any company exhibiting at a show has the same aim: to have an exhibit booth that allows them to stand out and be noticed, above the rest. Being able to understand your options and the requirements laid out by the event organiser is key to creating an innovative stand within the limits of what is possible.

Here at DD Exhibitions, we understand that some of the terminology around exhibits can

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DD Exhibitions is expanding its workforce by offering apprenticeship schemes to local students. We have offered placements for young adults who would like to train within our industry. With a diverse range of craftsmanship required, we have offered placements for Exhibition Joinery, Electricians and Accounts. We look forward to welcoming the new team members.


DD Exhibitions has once again been chosen as the preferred Exhibition Contractor for the Body Power Expo taking place at the NEC in May 2016. We have number of stands we are building for exhibitors as well as creating some show features for the Event Organisers.

Look out for images of the stands we have built on our social networking sites…