Stand Design Fundamentals: Stage by Stage

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At DD Exhibitions, we have four decades of experience in exhibition stand design and build; you could call us experts! One question we are often asked by our clients is how exactly the process of creating a bespoke exhibition stand works. It’s a big task, with some structures being more alike to real buildings than temporary spaces. Over the years we’ve worked on stand designs that are multi-story structures, featured walled-in areas, rooms and even incorporated bar spaces. As you can imagine, there are several stages involved to bring these structures to life. We thought we’d give you a behind-the-scenes look at how we make it happen.

Stand Design Fundamentals: The Brief

The initial stage of the design is to work with you to formulate a comprehensive brief, which ensures we design and build your dream stand. Where exactly this process starts relies on how clear of a picture you have of your exhibition stand. If you are unsure then we work with you to go back to basics, finding out more about your company, your goals and the exhibition you will be attending. If you already know how you’d like it the stand to look, we work with you to build a more complete picture of what is needed to make it happen, including things like:

  • What your branding and marketing guidelines are;
  • If you are planning to exhibit at more than one show, the venues you will be attending and the size and regulations of the stand;
  • Who your audience is and what you are trying to achieve; and,
  • Must-have features and your budget.

Our team will then combine this information with the details in your initial brief and our trade show experience to create the design brief for your new bespoke exhibition stand.

Stand Design Fundamentals: Design

We then pass the DD Exhibitions brief onto our designers who, with the extensive details provided, begin to sketch out an image of the stand. This will begin with brainstorming and rough sketching, before filling in the finer details. They will consider the use of colour, layout, lighting and structure to bring the brief into reality. Following this, the designers will then translate their design into a 3D computer-aided visualisation. This is one of our favourite moments in the process; finally showing the clients what we have designed for them and seeing their reaction! Check out these Pencarrie and Grenade stands as an example:

stand design 3d pics

Stand Design Fundamentals: Manufacture

The next stage is to bring the design to life. We have our own warehouse and workshop where we meticulously craft all elements of your exhibition stand to a high standard. Our extensive range of equipment and skilled team are able to manufacture even the most elaborate and inventive designs.

Stand Design Fundamentals: Transport

Exhibiting can take you far and wide, and luckily, at DD Exhibitions we are more than equipped to transport your stand to your destination. Our workshop team begin by carefully packing and wrapping all the elements of the stand to ensure that the high-quality finish is maintained – even on long, overseas journeys. Then, using our own fleet of vans and trucks, we transport the stand and our install team to the venue. The benefit of this being done in-house is that there is no need to worry about trusting a third-party to fulfil the job, and, you are able to maintain contact with your dedicated project manager throughout the process.

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Stand Design Fundamentals: The Build!

Finally, our team will install the stand on the exhibition floor, ensuring that all features are correctly built and set up where necessary.  This is the WOW moment; the first time you see your bespoke exhibition stand at the event and ready to impress the crowds. With our experienced team working on the build, you can be sure that the stand will abide by all the venue regulations and guidelines. Check out some examples of our previous work here.

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