Choosing your Space at an Exhibition Centre

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Yup, it’s another thing to think about as you prepare to exhibit. The space you choose in the exhibition hall is crucial, as it will go a long way in determining just how busy your stand will be. Although saying this, most exhibitors do not have the liberty of choosing their dream spot due to budget constraints. Luckily, you do not need the dream spot in the exhibition centre in order for your stand to be successful. You just need to be thoughtful about your choice to make sure you achieve your desired impact. In this blog, we run through some of the tips we offer our clients when choosing their space in the exhibition centre:

Check the exhibition centre floor plan.

exhibition centre

Do not just pick your stand based on price! Exhibition centres provide an enormous amount of information to exhibitors, so make sure you utilise this. Download a floor plan and have a good think about the spaces in relation to the price. Is the biggest, or the one in the busiest spot actually worth the price? Or could you still make a decent return on the investment in another spot? Even better still, if you can visit the centre for an event then you can experience the hall as an attendee, and make a super informed choice.


Make sure you’ll be seen.

exhibition centre crowds
Be careful that your stand isn’t be lost among the buzz! Although a perimeter aisle corner might seem like a nice nook for your stand, the adjacent stands might draw crowds that could block your entrance. Similarly, the entrance/exit of the hall will, of course, have high foot-traffic but could it be so busy that it’s a difficult spot for visitors to stop and visit your stand?


Consider your neighbours.

exhibition centre neighbourIf you have any indication of where other exhibitors will be in the hall, this information will be invaluable to you! Think about whether you might share an audience with one of the major exhibitors, or gain some insights by positioning yourself near them. In terms of partnerships, choosing a space next to a company you’d like to cosy up with could be a good choice too; you never know what might become of your relationship after being their neighbours at the show.


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