Our Tips for Exhibiting at the NEC Birmingham

The NEC Birmingham is the number one venue of choice in the UK. Opened in 1976, many believed the centre wouldn’t be enough to tempt the big shows away from London. Fast forward some forty years and it is the biggest and most popular exhibition centre in the country and the seventh largest in Europe. We frequently design, manufacture and install stands for clients exhibiting at the NEC.  We have

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Exhibition Stand Builders Birmingham: How to Choose a Contractor

So you’ve decided to take the leap and exhibit at a trade show.  Choosing a supplier for exhibitions is a different process to your average event; most shows are huge operations and having a team with know-how is going to make things a lot smoother for you. We recommend getting a few things straight before diving in and choosing a contractor. After all, they’ll be handling one of your biggest marketing opportunities

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Bespoke Exhibition Stands in Manchester: 3 Ideas for Sports and Fitness Shows

The sports and fitness boom shows no sign of slowing down. In an industry bursting with exciting innovation, it’s important to cut through the noise. We are experts at designing and building bespoke exhibitions stands in Manchester and want to share some ideas to help you dream up that perfect stand.

Bespoke Exhibition Stands Manchester: 3 Ideas for Sports and Fitness Shows

Idea #1: Make it Interactive

Buzzwords like ‘engagement’ are thrown around

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Our Favourite Trade Show Displays at the NEC, Birmingham

Exhibiting at the National Exhibition Center (NEC) should be on every brand’s trade show bucket list. Our work takes us far and wide across the country and Europe to build show-stopping trade show displays for our clients. The NEC in Birmingham is a mammoth event centre with a rich history. The opportunities presented by an event here are second-to-none, being the biggest exhibition centre in the UK, and the seventh largest

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Design Tips for Outdoor Trade Show Displays

New to Outdoor Trade Show Displays?

Did you know that trade show displays can serve you outside the exhibition hall too? Trading and exhibiting at outdoors events presents an exciting opportunity to provide memorable experiences that attract and engage consumers. Outdoor events also have the potential for much bigger crowds, take for example Glastonbury Festival, with its 175,000 attendees. That’s huge – but exhibiting at outdoor events does work similarly to in the

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5 Exhibition Stand Design Ideas for Outdoor Events

Only the best exhibition stands are memorable…

And leaving an impression is the aim of the game, right? The competition can be tough at outdoor events. Music festivals and sports events are a playground for brands with some of the most innovative and fun stands to be found there. Are you heading out into the great outdoors but scratching your head for exhibition stand design ideas?

Then, good news, you’re in the

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Stand Design And Construction Manchester

Looking for Stand Design And Construction Manchester?

Choosing a supplier is a challenging task for both first-time and seasoned exhibitors alike. Working with a local supplier like us has many advantages. Our workshop in Greater Manchester allows us to maintain the highest quality assurance and affords us the ability to really think outside of the box when it comes to your stand design.

DD Exhibitions offer exhibition stand solutions with a difference. We’re

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Sport Show Stand Designs Manchester

The health and fitness industry is booming, in part due to the popularity of wellness bloggers on Instagram. Influencers and celebrities are all using social media to share their fitness regimes, meal plans and are willingly promoting products that support their healthy lifestyle. As a result of this, we’ve seen exciting innovations in training equipment and new approaches to dieting. These are all fuelling an ever-growing industry helping consumers to not only

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Are You Looking For Exhibition Stand Designs In Manchester?

Choosing an exhibition designer is an overwhelming task. Exhibiting at trade shows with a bespoke stand is an investment, so it is of paramount importance that your contractor understands you and your brand. Exhibition designers and builders are global by nature and can work with you remotely, but choosing a local supplier can have many advantages. If you are looking for exhibition stand design in Manchester, then you’ve come

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Our Favourite Exhibition Designs In Manchester For 2018

It’s that time of year where listicles pop up all over the internet summarising the best (and worst!) of 2018. We thought we’d use this reflective period to think about some of our favourite exhibition designs in Manchester, DD Exhibitions’ home! We build a huge variety of stands home and away but especially enjoy working on our home turf. So, here’s a selection of our favourite exhibition designs in and around

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